Pa i Raïm Logotip

With a vocation for cooking, self-taught, and after dabbling in traditional pottery, the restoration of antiques, polychromy, carving, etc. in 1995 she finally entered the hotel business via a restaurant in Palamós called Celler de la Planassa. Since then she has been training under the guidance of her own grandmother (a great chef), Pep Ferriol, Georgina Regàs, Carles Mampel, Jaume Font and her friends from the world of catering …; in different specialised courses and trips, working in different restaurants in the area and travelling to New York and Paris to promote the Empordà (local) cuisine.
She has a passion for desserts and hence her nickname . . . the “Sweet Chef”.


In 1985, his family opened the “Celler de la Planassa” restaurant in Palamós where, from his very first day, he began working as a waiter’s assistant. From 1996 (after finishing his course in tourism) until 2004, he and his brother Marc managed the restaurant until Pep decided to launch a new project called Pa i Raïm with Rosa and Roseta. He admits that he enjoys cooking with cast-iron cooking pots and is very fond of traditional cuisine, but at the same time he uses all the modern techniques that he considers to be of essential help in today’s cuisine.