The Menus

* If you have any allergy or intolerance, let us know and we will inform you. Taxes included.

*From Tuesday to Friday, lunches. Except in high season.
Starters …
Soft cream of gourd with pomegranate.
Consommé of boletus with creaking nest and eggs of quail.
Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce.
Cod fritters with greens.
Steamed mussels with oil and pepper.
Salad of the garden with pipes and rosemary oil.
Roasted homemade croquettes with greens.
Veal carpaccio with mushrooms confit.

Hake grilled with toasted garlic.
Crusty confit of Ampurdan duck with compote.
Little beef entrecote with black chanterelles cream sauce.
Hake baked with potatoes and onions.
“Fideuà”. Fine vermicelli with alioli sauce. (* Min 2 pers).
Rice with mushrooms and sausages. (* Min 2 pers).

Chocolate brownie with caramel ice cream.
Vanilla soft cream with raspberries.
Recuit of drap de Fonteta with honey textures.
Chocolate mousse with passion fruit.
Cheesecake with berries.
Ice cream and sorbets of the day.
*Drinks not included.

* From Tuesday to Sunday, LUNCHES.
First to share …
Cod fritters.
Sauteed natural cockles.
Steamed mussels with oil and pepper.
Seconds to choose:
Empordà style rice casserole. (* Min 2 pers).
Black rice with squid and Norway lobster. (* Min 2 pers).
Fine vermicelli with alioli sauce. (* Min 2 pers).
Desserts to choose:
Torroella apple tatin with toffee and
ice cream of violets.
“Recuit de drap de Fonteta” Casa Martell with
Ice cream and honey jelly.
Ice cream and artisan sorbets.
*The Pica-Pica Menu will serve minimum for two people.
**Drinks not included.

To share…
Coca bread with tomato, salt and virgin olive oil.
Anchovies in lime and ginger.
Cod fritters.
Mussels with basil and hazelnuts.
Homemade croquettes of beef.

Sauteed season mushrooms.
Tempura langoustines with soya emulsion.

“Sea and mountain”: boneless chicken with crayfish.

Light vanilla cream with raspberries and hazelnut crumble.
Frozen chocolate truffles with a tomato conserve.
*Menu“Compartir” can served only for complete table.
**Drinks not included.

To share…
Foie croquant with quince, raspberries and brioche.
Tempura langoustines with soya emulsion.
Sauteed season mushrooms.
Grilled prawns from Palamós with flower salt.
Cod “a la llauna” with mushrooms and chick-peas.
Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with rosemary and
little onions.
Refreshing cup of pomegranate with yogurt textures.
Chocolate fondant cake, chestnuts and
marrón glacé ice cream.

*Menú “Temporada” can served only for complete table.


**Drinks not included. *Until 15h. and 10pm.